Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering

Faculty (Prof.) Research/Area
Prof. Abhijit MajumdarYarn and Fabric Production Systems, Soft Computing Applications, Production and Operations Management.
Prof. Amit RawalNonwovens, Smart Textiles, Structural Mechanics of Fibrous Assemblies.
Prof. Apurba DasClothing Comfort, Nonwovens and Technical Textiles, Yarn Manufacturing, Instrumentation.
Prof. Ashwini Kumar AgrawalMicrofluidics and Microscale Transport Processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Transport, Clean Air, Potable Water, Biomedical Devices.
Prof. B.K. BeheraFabric Manufacturing, 3D Weaving, Spacer Fabric, Auxetic Fabric, Technical Textiles, Textile Structural Composites, Fabric Hand and Comfort, Project Management.
Prof. B.S. ButolaPolymeric Nanocomposites, Dyeing with Natural Dyes, Enzymatic Processing.
Prof. Bhanu NandanFibre Science and Technology: Self-Assembly in Polymers, Polymer Crystallization, Fibrous Materials for Energy Storage and Catalysis, Electrospinning.
Prof. Bhuvanesh GuptaPlasma Functionalization of Polymers, Medical Textiles, Tissue Engineering, Wound Dressings, Sutures, Nanobiotechnology, Intelligent Polymers & Fibres.
Prof. Bipin KumarKnitting Technology, Fabric Engineering, Smart Wearables, E-Textiles, Shape Memory Textiles, Textiles for Healthcare.
Prof. Deepti GuptaEco friendly Finishing of Textiles, Garment Sizing, Functional Clothing, Product Development.
Prof. Dipayan DasNonwoven Products & Processes, Textile Structures, Fibre-to-Yarn Engineering.
Prof. Javed Nabibaksha SheikhSustainable Chemical Processing of Textiles, Natural Dyeing and Finishing of Textile Materials, Functional Finishing of Textiles, Application of Bio-Nanotechnology in Textiles.
Prof. Kushal SenTextile Chemical Processing, Textile Printing , Microencapsulation, Electrically Conducting Textiles, Texturing.
Prof. Mangala JoshiPolymeric Composites and Nanocomposites, Antimicrobial Finishing, Environmental and Ecological issues in Textiles.
Prof. Manjeet JassalNano and Innovative Materials for Textile Applications,Electrospun Nano Fibres.
Prof. R. AlagirusamyHybrid Yarns for Composites, Natural Fibre Composites, Textile Prefoming for Composites, Yarn Engineering.
Prof. R. ChattopadhyayLiquid Absorption by Fibrous Assembly, Clothing- Skin Interaction, Product Development, Value added Products from Fibrous Waste, Structure- Property Relation in Yarn.
Prof. R.S. RengasamyMechanics of Yarns & Machines, Extreme Cold Climate Clothing, Absorbent Materials, Oil Spill Cleanup using Fibrous Materials, Garment Technology, Surface Characteristics of Textiles, Sewing Threads, Liquid Transport Phenomena, Clothing Comfort.
Prof. Rajiv K. SrivastavaPorous and Fibrous Scaffolds, Emulsion Templating, Reactive Electrospinning, Biodegradable Polymers and Polymer Structure-Property Relationship.
Prof. S. Wazed AliEco-friendly / Green Chemical Processing of Textiles, Nanotechnology in Functional Materials (Polymers & Textiles), Piezoelectric Polymers and Textiles, Water purification using textile material, Waste water treatment using MFC.
Prof. Samrat MukhopadhyayNatural Fibers and their Modifications, Fiber Reinforced Composites and Concrete, Single polymer Composites, Sustainable Technologies in Textile Chemical Processing and Technical Interventions in Handloom Sector.
Prof. Sourabh GhoshTissue Engineering, Medical Textiles, 3D Bioprinting.
Prof. Vijaykumar Narayandas BahetiAdvanced materials utilizing fibrous industrial wastes, Ball milling of fibrous materials in dry and wet condition, Activated carbon fabric structures, EMI shielding and joule heating fabrics, Textile reinforced composites, nanocomposites and concrete structures, Recycling of textile wastes.