Center for Rural Development and Technology (CRDT)

Faculty (Prof.) Research/Area
Prof. Ajay SainiFoucault power/knowledge- discourse; Governance; Biopower, Biopolitics and Governmentality Studies; Power, Resistance, and the Foucauldian Technologies; Social Exclusion; Rural Development; Technology, Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship; Disasters, Aid and Humanitarian Government; Indigenous people; Northeast India and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands .
Prof. Anushree MalikBioremediation of Aqueous Heavy Metal & Dye Pollution; Algal Waste Water Treatment & Biofuels; Biological Pest (House fly) Control, Food Microbiology, Natural Antimicrobial Compounds.
Prof. Hariprasad. P.Agriculture and technology, Food security, Biopesticide and Biofertilizer, Plant Pathology, Plant-Microbe Interactions, Mycotoxins in food and feed, Environmental Biotechnology.
Prof. Jatindra K. SahuTechnological intervention in agriculture, Technology and Agriculture etc.
Prof. Kamal K PantHeterogeneous catalysis and Reaction kinetics, Catalytic hydrocarbon conversion processes, Water treatment.
Prof. Kavya DashoraBiosensors, plant pest prediction modelling, Non chemical agricultural pest management technologies, micro arthropods, Bt formulations, innovative resource management cultivation techniques, Rural outreach, monitoring and impact assessment, International trade agreements and industry production standards.
Prof. Pooja GhoshBio-remediation, Environmental Toxicology, Bio-energy etc.
Prof. Priyanka KaushalBiomass-to-Energy: Torrefaction, Pyrolysis, Gasification, SYN gas & Polygeneration: CHP, Bio-SNG, FT-Fuel, Hydrogen Enrichment etc. Valorization of Agriculture Residues Through Various Bio-Char Application.
Prof. Ram ChandraSustainable Energy and Environment; Appropriate Management of Biomass Resource for Sustainable Energy and Bio-Fertilizer Production; GHG Emissions and Climate Change Understanding and Managements for Abatement; Efficient Biogas Production from Agricultural Biomass Resources; Sustainable Rural Energy Systems; Biogas Purification (Bio-CNG Production), Storage and Utilization for Thermal, Power Generation, and Vehicular Applications; Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural Machines and Power.
Prof. S.N. NaikExtraction of Natural Plant Products (Essential Oils, Oleoresins, Food Colours, BioPesticides, Nutraceutical and Cosmoceuticals ) by using Subcritical and Supercritical Fluid. Processing of Non-Edible Oil Seeds for Production of BioDiesel, Biolubricants and Oleochemicals.
Prof. Satyawati SharmaBio-pesticides, Bio-fertilizers and Bio-inoculants, Rapid Composting and Waste Management, Mushroom Technology and Functional Food from Nutraceutical Mushrooms, Cattle Feed and Fodder Management, Tissue Culture, Biogas Slurry Management, Wasteland Reclamation through Biological Means, Bio Remediation of Xenobiotic Contaminated Soils.
Prof. Sunil Kumar KhareMicrobial Biochemistry; Applied Enzymology: Environmental & Food Biochemistry; Nanotoxicology & Nanobiocatalysis; Proteomics.
Prof. V M Chariar
Prof. Virendra Kumar VijayRenewable Energy Sources, Biogas Enrichment and Bottling, Biogas Generation using Alternate Feed Materials, Anaerobic Digestion Process, Bio Energy Applications for Rural Areas, Animal Power, Rural Industrialization, Sustainable Development and Environment, Waste Management Systems, Cow-dung and Urine Based Products (Panchagavya), Biomass Gasification.
Prof. Vivek K umarWastewater and water treatment, solid waste management, enzyme application mathematical modeling, pulp and paper etc.