Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty (Prof.) Research/Area
Prof. Angelie MultaniPolitics of Production of English Language Theatre in India, Extensive Work on Mahesh Dattani, One of India’s Foremost Contemporary Playwrights, Published on Indian English Theatre and Fiction.
Prof. Ankush AgrawalApplied Econometrics and Development Economics.
Prof. Arjun GhoshLiterature.
Prof. Arudra BurraMoral and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Legal History.
Prof. Ashwini VaidyaComputational Linguistics.
Prof. Bharati PuriPhilosophy of Culture and History, Moral and Political Philosophy, Contemporary Thought and Intellectual History, Deep Ecology, Buddhism/and Politics, Exile and Travel, Religion/and Politics, Religion in East Asia, Peace Studies, Tibet/ Tibetan Literature and Politics, Ethnicities and Margins, Culture Religion and Politics in Ladakh, Children and Literature.
Prof. C A TomyPhilosophy
Prof. Debasis MondalMacroeconomics, International Economics and Public Economics.
Prof. Divya DwivediPhilosophy of Literature (Classical Poetics, German Romanticism, Russian Formalism), Aesthetics (Kant, Foucault, Ranciere), Philosophy of Psychoanalysis (Freud, Heidegger, Lacan, Deleuze, Derrida), Narratology, Literary Theory and Criticism, Formal inquiry into fictionality (Theory of Language, Modal Logic,Temporal Logic, Quine), Political Thought of Gandhi, Political Cartoons and Novels of O V Vijayan.
Prof. Farhana IbrahimEthnographies of the State and Violence, Anthropology of Security, Policing, Civil-military relations, Ethnography of war, Migration and Displacement, Ethnography of Disasters, Borders and Nation, History and Anthropology, Ethnography of the Neighbourhood, Religion, Citizenship.
Prof. Jayan Jose ThomasVarious Issues Related to Development, Mainly Labour, Industrialization and the Macroeconomy.
Prof. Kamlesh SinghPositive Psychology &its Applications, Environmental Psychology, Psychometrics, Community Psychology, Mental Health of Rural Women and Adolescents.
Prof. Mahuya BandyopadhyaySociology of Organisations and Work, Prison Studies, Ethnography of the State, Gender and Masculinities, Urban neighbourhoods, Violence and the Carceral Complex, Ethnographic Methods.
Prof. Milind WakankarAristotle, Plato, Plotinus, Hegel, Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Benjamin, Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze, Simondon, Whitehead; Ramchandra Shukla, Hazari Prasad Dwivedi; Sufi and Bhakti Corpus (Jayasi, Tulsi, Sur, Kabir, Dnyaneswara, Tukaram, Eknath); the Marathi anti-Brahmin tradition from Phule to Patil.
Prof. Naveen ThayyilLaw, Techno-Science and Democratisation: Regulatory issues in new and Radical Technologies, Democratisation of Regulation of Technology, Risk Regulation, Use of Ethics in Technology Regulation, Development of Technologies and Public Contestations, and Public Participation in Regulation, Environmental Law and Policy: International and Comparative Law, European Environmental Law, Biodiversity Conservation, Traditional Knowledge Systems, Forest Governance, Human Rights Jurisprudence: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Law and Development, Indigenous Peoples Rights, Public Interest Litigation and Judicial Activism, Intersection of WTO Law with Protection of Health and Environment, Legal and Democratic Theory: Citizenship, Sovereignty, Public Sphere, Epistemic Issues in the Governance of Technology, Reason and Resistance.
Prof. Paroma SanyalLinguistics
Prof. Pritha ChandraSyntactic Theory, Linguistic Typology, Biolinguistics & Language and Politics.
Prof. Purnima SinghGroup Processes, Justice, Identity, and Intergroup Relations in Organizational and Social Contexts.
Prof. Ravinder KaurSociology of Kinship, Marriage and Family, Urban Social Anthropology, Migration Studies, Gender Studies, Demographic Anthropology, Sociology of India, Social Change.
Prof. Reetika KheraFood Security, Health and Nutrition, Education and Caste.
Prof. Richa KumarSociology of Agriculture, Sociology of Food and Nutrition, Science and Technology Studies, Rural and Agrarian Policy.
Prof. Samar HusainHuman Sentence Processing, Natural Language Parsing, Natural Language Modeling and Dependency Grammar.
Prof. Sanil VPhilosophy.
Prof. Saptarshi MukherjeeMechanism Design, Social Choice, Game Theory, Bounded Rationality Theory.
Prof. Sarbeswar SahooPost-Colonial State, Civil Society and Democratisation, Sociology of Religion (Christianity, Conversion and Conflict), Poverty, and Neo-Liberal Globalisation.
Prof. Simona SawhneyLearning and Thinking at the Intersections of Political and Psychoanalytic Theory.
Prof. Sishir DebnathDevelopment Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics.
Prof. Sourabh B. PaulTrade and Development, Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics, Health and Nutrition.
Prof. Stuti KhannaCities, Modernism, Post-Colonialism, South Asia, the Novel, Gender, Translation, Cinema.
Prof. Sumitava MukherjeeCognitive Aspects of Numbers/Magnitudes with Implications for Descriptive Theories in Decision Making and Applications in Information Design or Cognition-Technology Interaction.
Prof. Upasna SharmaDisaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation, Hazard Early Warning Systems, Agro-Met Advisories for Farmers.
Prof. Varsha SinghSpecific: Cognition, Affect, and Decision Making, Episodic Memory, Anxiety Disorder Broad: Brain-Behavior, Mind-Body Problems.
Prof. Vibha AroraDevelopment, Political Sociology, Democracy and Governance, New Media, and Digital Culture, Sociology of Marginalized Groups, Sociology of Religion [Indigenous Religion, Hinduism and Buddhism], Environmental Sociology [Social Forestry; Sociology of Sacred Groves and Sacred Landscapes of the Himalayas; Hydropower Projects and Environmental Movements; Cultural Ecology; Indigenous Knowledge], Visual Methods of Social Research, Photography and Visual Anthropology.
Prof. Yashpal JogdandSelf and Identity, Intergroup Conflict, Humiliation, Ostracism, Social Exclusion and Rejection in Intergroup and Interpersonal Relations, Stereotypes and Prejudice, Leadership and Mobilisation, Psychology of Oppression.