Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty (Prof.) Research/Area
Prof. Aaditeshwar SethComputer Networks, Social Network Analysis, Information and Communication Technologies for Development.
Prof. Amit KumarAlgorithms, Computer Networks.
Prof. Amitabha BagchiStructural Properties of Networks, Algorithms, Data Structures.
Prof. Ashish ChiplunkarAlgorithm Design, Stochastic Problems.
Prof. Chetan AroraComputer Vision and Machine Learning.
Prof. Huzur SaranHigh Speed Networks, Graph Theory, Algorithms.
Prof. Keerti ChoudharyFault-Tolerant Algorithms, Extremal Graph Structures, Dynamic Algorithms, Graph Realizability.
Prof. Kolin PaulReconfigurable Computing, Embedded Systems.
Prof. M. BalakrishnanCAD for VLSI, Computer Architecture.
Prof. MausamArtificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing.
Prof. Maya RamanathDatabase and Information Retrieval Techniques for Semantic Web Data Management, Information Extraction and Opinion Mining.
Prof. Naveen GargAlgorithms, Optimization.
Prof. Parag SinglaMachine Learning, Social Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence.
Prof. Preeti R. PandaEmbedded Systems, CAD for VLSI.
Prof. Prem KalraComputer Graphics, 3D Animation.
Prof. Ragesh JaiswalAlgorithms, Complexity Analysis.
Prof. Rahul GargMachine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Neuroimaging, High Performance Computing.
Prof. Rahul NarainComputer Graphics, Animation.
Prof. Rijurekha SenMobile and Embedded Systems (Hardware Architecture, OS, Sensing, Efficient Processing, Security), Computational Sustainability.
Prof. Rohan PaulHuman Robot Interaction, Language Grounding, Symbolic Reasoning.
Prof. S. Arun-KumarSemantics and Verification.
Prof. Sandeep SenComputational Geometry, Algorithms.
Prof. Sanjiva PrasadSemantics and Verification, Programming Languages, Concurrent Systems.
Prof. Sayan RanuData Analytics, Graph Indexing and Mining, Social Network Analysis, Querying and Mining Spatio-Temporal Data, Bioinformatics, Deep Learning for Graphs, Machine Learning, and Big data analytics.
Prof. Smruti Ranjan SarangiComputer Architecture, Operating Systems.
Prof. Soham Sundar ChakrabortyProgramming Languages and Software Engineering.
Prof. Sorav BansalOperating Systems, Compilers.
Prof. Srikanta BedathurData Management, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Natural Language Processing.
Prof. Subhashis BanerjeeComputer Vision, Real-time Systems, Robotics.
Prof. Subodh KumarComputer Graphics, Visualization, Geometry.
Prof. Subodh SharmaFormal Methods, Program Analysis, Concurrent Systems.
Prof. Venkata Vivek Kumar KoppulaTheoretical Cryptography, Quantum Computing.
Prof. Vinay Joseph RibeiroComputer and Network Security (Blockchain, DDoS, IoT security, DDoS), Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Networks (cognitive radio, LTE, Wi-Fi etc.), Indoor Positioning and Navigation.
Prof. Vireshwar KumarSecurity and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems, Applied Cryptography, Adversarial Machine Learning.