Department of Chemical Engineering

Faculty (Prof.) Research/Area
Prof. Anil K. SarohaMultiphase Reactors, Environmental Engineering.
Prof. Anil VermaSustainable Environergy Electrochemical Systems: Batteries, CO2 Electrochemical Reduction to Hydrocarbons, Microbial Fuel Cell, PEM/DM Fuel Cell, Graphene Synthesis and Application in Energy Devices, C/C Composites.
Prof. Anupam ShuklaMembrane Synthesis and Separation, Electrochemical Systems.
Prof. Anurag S. RathoreBiosimilars, Bio processing, Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Multi-variate Data Analysis (MVDA).
Prof. Ashok N. BhaskarwarInterfacial Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Pollution-Prevention Technologies, Chemical Product Design.
Prof. Divesh BhatiaAutomotive Catalysis, Air Pollution Control, Monolith Reactors, Kinetics of fast Reactions.
Prof. Gaurav GoelTransport at Nanoscale, Structure-Property Solvophobic Interactions and Self – Assembly.
Prof. Hariprasad KodamanaMachine learning, Graphs, Optimisation, Model predictive control, fault detection and diagnosis.
Prof. Jayati SarkarInstabilities, Adhesion, Debonding, Dewetting and Pattern Formation of Soft Thin Films, Computational fluid dynamics, Self-organization of Complex Fluids, Granular Materials.
Prof. Jyoti PhiraniFlow Through Porous Media, Reservoir Simulation, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Unconventional Energy Resources.
Prof. Kamal K. PantHeterogeneous Catalysis and Reaction Kinetics, Catalytic Hydrocarbon Conversion Processes, Water Treatment.
Prof. M. Ali HaiderSolid Oxide Fuel Cells, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Biorenewable Chemicals and Bio fuels.
Prof. Manjesh KumarNovel Material Synthesis, Characterization and Design, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Mechanistic Study of Functional Material Failure Modes.
Prof. Manojkumar C. RamtekeModeling and Optimization of Chemical and Polymeric systems, Meta-Heuristic Algorithms, Process Planning and Scheduling.
Prof. Mohan K.S. VermaFluid Mechanics, Flow Instability in Flexible Channel/Tube, Microfluidics, Medical Devices, Bio-Inspired Design, Lithium-ion Batteries, Electrochemical modeling, Battery Management System (BMS).
Prof. Munawar A. ShaikProcess Systems Engineering, Process Operations, Planning and Scheduling of Batch and Continuous Processes, Modeling and Optimization, Evolutionary Computation.
Prof. Paresh P. ChokshiHydrodynamic Stability, Theoretical/Computational Polymer Physics, Dynamics of Complex Fluids, Polymer Processing.
Prof. Rajesh KhannaPhase Separation, Thin Liquid Films, Mist Reactors, Colloids and Interfacial Science.
Prof. Shalini GuptaColloidal Interactions and Nanoscale Engineering, Molecular Self-Assembly, Microfluidics, Nanolithography.
Prof. Shantanu RoyMultiphase Reactor Engineering, Multiphase Flows.
Prof. Sharad K. GuptaTransport Phenomena, Membrane Separation Processes.
Prof. Somnath GhoshMicrofluidics, Fluid mechanics, Functional colloids synthesis and their interaction, interfacial engineering.
Prof. Sreedevi UpadhyayulaHeterogeneous Catalysis, Green Industrial Processes, Modeling of Fluid Reactions in Composite Manufacturing.
Prof. Suddhasatwa BasuHydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, Interfacial and Electrochemical Engineering, Enhanced Oil Recovery.
Prof. Sudip K. PattanayekPolymer Physics, Biopolymers under Flow, Polymer Nano-composites.
Prof. Vikram SinghLow Reynolds Number Fluid Mechanics – Suspensions and Emulsions, Colloids and Aerosols, Geothermal Energy.
Prof. Vivek V. BuwaComputational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Flows, Reactor Engineering.