Centre for Automotive Research and Tribology (CART)

Faculty (Prof.) Research/Area
Prof. B K PanigrahiEV, Charging Infrastructure,IoT & Cyber Security.
Prof. Deepak KumarMicrofluidics and Micro scale Transport Processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Transport, Clean Air, Potable Water, Biomedical Devices.
Prof. Jayashree BijweDevelopment of High-performance Polymer Composites/Nano-Composites for Tribological Applications such as Dry Bearings, Brake-pads and High-Temperature Adhesives; Development of Oils/Nano-oils, Greases for Engines and Gears.
Prof. Naresh TandonVibration and Acoustic Emission Monitoring, and Noise Engineering.
Prof. S. FatimaMachinery Health Monitoring, NVH, Machinery and Industrial Noise Control, Acoustical Natural Materials, Reliability and Maintenance.
Prof. V.K. AgarwalDilute and Dense Phase, Pneumatic Handling of Bulk Solids and Erosive Wear.