Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS)

Faculty (Prof.) Research/Area
Prof. A. D. RaoNumerical Modeling of Coastal Ocean Precesses; Development of a Prediction System for Storm Tides and Associated Flooding; Identification and Modeling of Internal Waves in the Bay of Bengal; Modeling of Wind Waves and its Interaction with Storm Surges and Tides.
Prof. Dilip GangulyClimate Modeling, Cloud Parameterizations, Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in Models and Observations, Modeling of Aerosol Chemistry and Physics, Radiative Forcing and Climate Change, Climate Sensitivity and Feedback Processes, Climate Diagnostics using Model Output and Observations, Monsoon Dynamics, Air Pollution and Indian Monsoon.
Prof. Krishna Achuta RaoRegional Climate Change, Weather and Climate Extremes, Climate Change Detection and Attribution, Climate Modeling, Climate Variability, Climate Model Validation and Diagnosis, Ocean Heat Content, Sea-level Rise, UV CDAT.
Prof. Manju MohanImpacts of Urbanization on Weather, Climate and Air Pollution, Air Quality Measurements and Modeling for Regulatory Applications, Chemical Transport Modeling and Atmospheric Pollution Studies, Heat Island Measurements and Modeling, Fog Modeling, Numerical Modeling of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer.
Prof. Ravi Kumar KunchalaAtmospheric Chemistry, Transport Modeling, Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases, Monitoring and Modeling of Greenhouse and Trace Gases.
Prof. Sagnik DeyAerosol-Cloud-Climate Interaction, Air Quality, Climate Change and its Impact on Human Health, Remote Sensing of Earth's Atmosphere and Climate.
Prof. Sandeep SahanyClimate Model Validation and Development, Observational Analysis and Modeling of Clouds and Precipitation, Physical Climate Change Assessment, Downstream Impact Assessment due to Climate Change on Food and Water Security, Dynamical Downscaling.
Prof. Sandeep SukumaranUnderstanding the changes in circulation and precipitation associated with Indian summer monsoon (ISM) in a warming climate; High resolution atmospheric models and data from Coupled Model Inter-comparison Project (CMIP5) to understand the future changes in monsoon circulation and precipitation under various emission scenarios.
Prof. Saroj Kanta MishraClimate Change & Global Warming, Climate Modeling & Climate Engineering, Climate Projection & Climate Prediction, Climate Change Impact Assessments, Tropical Climate & Asian Monsoon.
Prof. Sarvesh Kumar DubeyAtmospheric Model Development, Numerical Weather Prediction, Observational analysis, Tropical Meteorology.
Prof. Somnath Baidya RoyLand-Atmosphere Interactions, Deforestation, Agriculture, Carbon Cycle; Mesoscale and Boundary Layer Modeling, Thunderstorms; Regional Climate Change; Renewable Energy Meteorology.
Prof. Vimlesh PantPhysical Oceanography, Ocean Modeling, Coastal Ocean Processes, Marine Aerosols, Air-sea Interactions, Meteorological and Oceanographic Observations.