Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (CARE)

Faculty (Prof.) Research/Area
Prof. Ananjan BasuMicrowave and Millimeter Wave Engineering
Prof. Ankur GuptaRF Microelectronics, Nanotechnology and Device Circuit co-Design.
Prof. Arun KumarDigital Signal Processing, Underwater and Air Acoustics, Human and Machine Speech Communication Technologies, Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Mobile and Wearable Devices, and IoT.
Prof. Kirti DhwajAntenna systems
Prof. Mahesh P. AbegaonkarMicrowave and Millimeter Wave Antennas and Arrays, Metamaterials and Other Periodic Structures (FSS, EBG, AMC etc.), Antennas for MIMO Systems, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Passive Circuits.
Prof. Monika AggarwalSignal Processing and Communications, Underwater Acoustics and Image Processing.
Prof. Prabhu BabuSignal Processing and Communications, Machine Learning, Nonlinear Optimization, Sparse Parameter Estimation aka Compressed Sensing, Bioinformatics, Big Data Analysis, Financial Data Modeling.
Prof. Pushparaj SinghMicroelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Sensors and Microelectronics.
Prof. Rahul MishraNanoelectronics, Spintronics, Neuromorphic devices
Prof. Samaresh DasNanoelectronics and Optoelectronics.